Six Tips to Help your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out in 2021

The year is already rounding up, and it isn’t all about bitcoin tips and crash diets. It’s also about making good adjustments when it comes to your profession. As this year of social distancing came into play, building up your LinkedIn profile has now become important than ever.

As a professional, you must maintain an online presence similar to your digital resume — and you don’t need to slack when it comes to this.

To accomplish that, here six important tips of mine;

1. Why not create a good headline?

Have you ever stopped to think about this? How many people do you think to share the same job title? May a million or more.

Now, here’s the fact, a headline should say more than your present position. Make it your selling point. Furthermore, the best LinkedIn profiles for 2021 are known to include crisp but novel headlines.

A LinkedIn headline does introduce you to 120 characters that offer your professional brand. Make sure to use strategic descriptors and keywords in your headline; this will help your profile appear distinct in your LinkedIn searches. And this would help your profiles to be found by recruiters and hiring managers.

One example that you can use and tweak for yourself is ‘Certified Digital Marketing Specialist.’

2. A good background Image

Along with a headshot, a background image for your LinkedIn header is of more importance. Do you know only twenty percent of people remember what they read while eighty percent are known to remember what they see and do?

Therefore, it’s best to take the best visual approach when you can to be remembered well.

Why not choose an image that tells your interests, image, personal rand, or an image that’s pretty relevant to the industry you’re in?

Various websites exist across the web, which gives you free photos and templates. So, when selecting a design, be sure it has a high resolution and looks more professional. If you decide to put text, check to see if it is blurry or cut off before publishing.

3. Obtain endorsements and References

Why not reconnect with old managers and colleagues to receive endorsements and references. After sending connections to managers and colleagues, do consider asking for a reference or endorsement.

A reference is simply a professional recommendation feature at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile. At the same time, an endorsement is a connection that indicates that you excel in a particular skill. Both items are known to increase your level of the profession.

4. Display your Professional Work

Do think of your LinkedIn profile as your professional portfolio. Make good use of the project section on your LinkedIn profile to display your work related to your profession.

Upload videos, media, presentations to show your projects, course work, volunteer experience, and publications.

5. Write out a Summary statement.

A summary statement can also be called your ‘about section,’ which takes what you stated in your headline and gives it the much-needed depth. The best LinkedIn profiles are known to sell themselves with much expertise and with much greater context.

Besides, having a headline, photo, and summaries are the first items recruiters view on your profile.

You can provide the introductory information recruiters will require to determine if you qualify as one of their best candidates.

You can mention its description, title, goals, and brief experience as you proceed.

Nonetheless, like all of it, making sure to sell yourself has no room for being mediocre. So, do make sure you state all of these in an intriguing but yet concise way.

6. Professional Photo

Having a photo-less LinkedIn profile can never take you far. LinkedIn profiles with images of the users are known to get twenty more views and over thirty-six more messages.

Nonetheless, any image isn’t enough. Research indicates that just looking at your photo sticks more than all the words you can put into impressing your LinkedIn profile. And this includes even after meeting the person.

When choosing a photo, make sure you opt for an image with a professional tone for your niche or industry. And your photo doesn’t have to be a stereotypical headshot necessarily. Some of the best LinkedIn profile tips do include field photos.

Such as, if you are a writer, a photo of you on your desk typing a task would be good.

Another profile example would be a snapshot of you as a speaker for an event. And if you take the field photo route, make sure you can be easily located on the image. And make sure the image is in high resolution.



Carl Wheatley — Product Design Recruiter / Coach

Carl is a Product Design recruiter at Facebook. Before recruiting, he was a UI/UX designer working with many tech startups to design mobile apps. Carl is also the co-founder of a Meetup called Global UXD where he helps connect designers with each other and create new opportunities. Having completed Bloc and Designlab bootcamps before becoming a recruiter, he’s an expert at helping designers land their first design roles. Find Carl on and LinkedIn. Need your Design Portfolio Reviewed?? Check out Design Portfolio Review.

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