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How to Land UX & Product Design Jobs

About The Book

It’s no surprise everyone wants to become a UX designer today. The graphics and website design industry has experienced a surge recently and won’t come down soon. But, what do you know about the industry? Do you think it’s an adventure worth shooting for or just taken as a side job? If you knew everything about it and how much value it’d hold in the future would you dive right away to secure a part in this industry before it becomes saturated?

However saturated the industry becomes, UX design packages won’t just slide down to the bottom like the other technological ventures. Why? Because technology will continue to improve and humans will never be satisfied with the levels of technological developments as time progresses especially the way they operate their gadgets. Designers are digging deep into the heart of technology to improving users’ values for their gadgets too.
So, is it the right time to secure your part in the industry? If your answer is yes then you’d be glad you found this piece. You should understand first that you need the heart of a designer and some soft skills. You don’t need to be an expert with some lists of certifications but a designer at heart with some time management, empathy, negotiation and enthusiasm skills.

About the author.

I specialize in the placement of Design professionals. Having a design background has given me access to a large network of talented designers and I’m able to build great relationships with my creatives.

I’m a self starter and problem solver with an entrepreneurial spirit, excellent communications skills and a track record of building strong relationships and collaborating with teams to build solutions.

I’ve worked with a number of high tech startups in the US and in Europe to provide application development and design services. I have a passion for working with startups and building creative teams.

Carl Wheatley