I had the pleasure of working with Carl at Meta supporting Product Design hiring. I have worked with Carl both in a recruiter/sourcer partnership capacity and I also managed Carl for the last 3 years. In the length of time I have been in the recruiting industry, I have never partnered with a more dedicated colleague in a sourcing role. Carl and I partnered together hiring for Product Design leadership talent for our Enterprise and Infrastructure teams. Carl not only sourced numerous product design managers as well as countless individuals contributors, but was also responsible for sourcing and helping to place a very high priority Design Director (a very difficult search). Throughout both my time partnering with Carl as recruiter as well as his manager, Carl consistently had a very robust pipeline of candidates he built strong/trusting relationships with. Carl also has an incredible superpower of finding creative ways of recruiting talent that continued to surprise me (this was an area that Carl helped to mentor our team to help find new ways of finding talent). Carl also brings a positive energy and light to a team that gets everyone excited to work on even the most difficult of roles. Anyone would be incredibly lucky to have Carl join their team!

- Carley I. [Product Design Recruiting Manager]

I’ve had the opportunity to not only work with Carl when building the design team, but he brought me to Meta. As the first point of contact for a candidate, he’s thoughtful, responsive and proactive. As he helped me build our team, he was strategic in the talent programs and campaigns he created to bring attention to open roles. His network is vast and he prioritizes his connections with people. Carl is one of the best sourcing and recruiting partners I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

- Christine I. [Product Design Manager]

Carl Wheatley has been an exceptional Career Advisor and Mentor to our students at Mento Design Academy. We hosted regular workshops and webinars with Carl on various topics, such as job hunt strategies, portfolio, and career growth. He has been instrumental in helping our students navigate the job market, refine their portfolios, and prepare for interviews. I wholeheartedly recommend Carl Wheatley as a Career Advisor and Mentor. His combination of professionalism, expertise and genuine care for students' success is truly unique and commendable. Any organization would be fortunate to have Carl on its team, and I do not doubt that he will continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless professionals.

- Radu V. [Chief Design Officer]

Carl was excellent at reading my skills and personality attributes to find the perfect role. He was dedicated in helping me in my job search, valued my time and only mentioned opportunities that were worthwhile. He is professional and thorough in communicating. I highly recommend Carl!

- Annie H. [Design & Media Manager]

Carl was originally my recruiter into Facebook/Meta. The candidate experience I've received from Carl made my own interview process so much better. I was able to calm my nerves and actually focus on the interview at hand.

Carl is a go getter, and the most accountable recruiter I've ever had the pleasure of working with. After I've landed as a design manager at Meta, and as luck would have it, Carl was my recruiting partner for Enterprise Products. I could have reached out to him about any candidate and he would find a way to come back with solid solutions. He held candidate sourcing working sessions, he followed up with every lead and was always able to bring in amazing talent for consideration. Carl is someone you can have a real conversation with on the criteria of your teams need and search and he'd get to work quickly and efficiently. I look forward to partnering with Carl one day in the near future. It is a small world of UX/Product Design recruiting after all!

- Vicky P. [Product Design Manager]

When Carl reached out about a leadership opportunity at Facebook, I honestly didn’t think it’d be the right fit. I loved my current job and had little reason to make the move. His willingness to spend the time, answer the questions, make the introductions, and offer an inspiring perspective that brought the opportunity to life made all the difference. Carl has an outstanding ability to make meaningful relationships with candidates - any company would be lucky to have someone of his talents.

- Noah R. [Design Director]

Carl is an exceptional recruiter who played a crucial role in my successful journey interviewing with Meta. From the moment I first connected with Carl, I was immediately impressed by his dedication and commitment to supporting me throughout the entire interview process.

Carl's professionalism and expertise in the recruitment field were evident from the start. He took the time to thoroughly understand my skills, experiences, and career aspirations, allowing him to provide valuable guidance tailored to my specific needs. His deep understanding of the industry and Meta's hiring process proved invaluable in helping me prepare for each step of the interviews.

One of the aspects that truly set Carl apart was his unwavering support and responsiveness. Despite the inevitable delays and uncertainties that often accompany interview processes, Carl remained proactive in keeping me informed and providing updates promptly. His consistent communication and willingness to address any concerns or questions I had alleviated much of the anxiety that can come with job searching.

I cannot overstate the impact Carl had on my overall experience. His support and guidance instilled in me a sense of trust and reassurance, making the interview process with Meta feel like a collaborative endeavor rather than a daunting task. I am grateful for his efforts, which undoubtedly played a significant role in my successful outcome.

If you are seeking a dedicated and proactive recruiter who will go the extra mile to support you in your job search, I wholeheartedly recommend Carl. His exceptional skills, commitment, and genuine care for candidates make him a standout professional in the field. Working with Carl was an absolute pleasure, and I am confident that he will continue to positively impact the careers of many individuals in the future.

- Noah R. [Design Director]