I’m Carl Wheatley

Designer & Product Design Recruiter @ Facebook

Helping You Find Your

Next Opportunity!

Design Career Coaching

I want to mentor you all the way until you find your next design opportunity and on.

Design & Recruiting Services

If you have a design project thats needs to be designed or you’re looking for a design please contact me.

Helping You Find Your Next Opportunity

I Want To Work With You On Finding Your Dream Job

We will put a game plan together. I want to work with you to find your next opportunity in design. We will go over your portfolio and give you tips on how to tell your story and interview.

Portfolio & Resume Review

Freelance Design Projects

Interview best practices

Find your next opportunity

Goal Setting

Let’s set your goals for your design career and get that next job

Career Coaching

We will review your portfolio, resume and prepare you for interviews

Freelance Design Projects

I love designing for mobile & web interfaces

Product Design Recruiter

If you’re looking to hire a designer for your next project please contact me

About Me

I specialize in the placement of Design professionals. Having a design background has given me access to a large network of talented designers and I’m able to build great relationships with my creatives.

I’ve worked with a number of high tech startups in the US and in Europe to provide application development and design services. I have a passion for working with startups and building creative teams.

I love recruiting but I still love designing. I’m always working on mobile and web projects.


I recommend Carl because he helped me find and secure a position in my field of study — Graphic Design. We sat down for a quick initial meeting to discuss where I’d like my career to head, and he gave me great advice. He also followed up with me quickly to see how my interviews were at the companies he had arranged for me. I am so happy with my position I have now! Thank you, Carl. Five Stars! .”

Carl is light hearted with a great sense of humor! He is also highly skilled in design as well as identifying talent. Those two qualities go hand in hand with his current occupation as a recruiter. He brings an upbeat and positive attitude to the work culture.

During my job search Carl helped me find a perfect fit! He knows the industry and has the network to find what’s in the client/candidates best interest. Carl is also an amazing and hard working individual with a keen eye for design.

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