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I’m Carl wheatley

Product Design Recruiter | Career Coach | Product Designer

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Career Coaching

My coaching sessions are aimed to help aspiring & entry level UX Designers, Product Designers & User Interface (UI) Designers

Product Design Recruiter

I’m currently a Product Design Recruiter at Facebook. I currently hire for all levels. I have placed many great designers in my career and coached designers so they can work for their dream company.

 What It’s Not!

1:1 coaching is not intended to be working sessions. The actual work will be done at the conclusion of our call once you have received your feedback and resources document from me, which will include all of your action items. During the sessions, we’ll hone in on your pain points, break them down, and you’ll receive direction on how to better tackle them in order to reach your goals.

Who Is Coaching For?

My coaching sessions are aimed to help aspiring & entry level UX Designers, Product Designers & User Interface (UI) Designers feel equipped for everything from putting together a successful portfolio to performing well on the job. These sessions can include but are not limited to topics on: UX career guidance, project feedback, portfolio feedback, advice on bootcamps, interview preparations, issues that have arisen on the job, etc. I am your source of all things UX and UI, so come prepared with your projects, questions, concerns, or anything else you’d like to discuss.

 How It Works?

I created a service for Designers. Coming from a Design Background and completing many of the design bootcamps out there. The way that I got my fist job was networking with other designers and working closely with a mentor.  My coaching sessions are aimed to help aspiring & entry level UX Designers, Product Designers & User Interface (UI) Designers.

STEP 1: Fill the super short form

Please fill out my form to apply for a 1:1 mentorship program with me. If you prefer to have a chat first, you can either book a quick 15min free call for any program related questions or a fist session here. The intro call is a full strategy session with value on its own. It’s pitch & commitment-free for both of us and doesn’t guarantee a spot in the program but will allow you to experience a full session.

STEP 2: Wait for approval

If we both feel we’re the right fit to work together, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a subscription that you can cancel anytime in case you’ve chosen a monthly plan. Even if you have defined specific goals and deadlines, you’ll still be able to renew or cancel your plan every month. The cost of the program depends on your preferred options. For monthly plans the amount is paid at the beginning of each month, and for 6-month or annual plans, this amount is paid in full. 6-month or annual plans can’t be cancelled and are not refundable.

STEP 3: Book your calls in advance

With any program, you get a certain amount of hours that you can spend on video call or audio sessions via skype or hangouts. You can book 30-min or 60-min slot, so you can make the best use of your hours.  I advise you to book your calls as much as in advance as you can to avoid availability conflicts and to help us create a routine.

STEP 4: Tracking Progress & Unlimited Emails

During any 1:1 mentorship program, you’ll be able to email me any time – you’ll receive a reply within 48h. Depending on your goals and preferred way of working, we’ll be sharing a common tracker so we can track your progress and understand the areas you need more help with.

Coaching Packages

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Standard Coaching Package

  • 60 Minutes Mentor Calls/mo
  • Continuous Messaging
  • 20 Minute Onboarding Call
  • 1 on 1 Private Mentorship


Portfolio, Linkedin & Resume Review

    • 30 Minutes Mentor Call
    • Continuous Messaging
    • Portfolio, LinkedIn, Resume 
    • 1 on 1 Private Mentorship

$59/One Time

About Me

I specialize in the placement of Design professionals. Having a design background has given me access to a large network of talented designers and I’m able to build great relationships with my creatives.

I’m a self starter and problem solver with an entrepreneurial spirit, excellent communications skills and a track record of building strong relationships and collaborating with teams to build solutions.

I’ve worked with a number of high tech startups in the US and in Europe to provide application development and design services. I have a passion for working with startups and building creative teams.


Carl gives insightful advice and appreciates progress. He has gained an expertise in design recruitment over the years and is very involved with the design community.

“It was an incredibly invaluable experience to get feedback from someone who sees hundreds of folio a week. Carl was super friendly and gave me constructive, actionable feedback – not just for improving my folio but also how I present myself online. Design Mentor is such a great idea – and so easily accessible (I Skyped Carl from Sweden!), I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to give themselves the best chance of getting their dream job.”

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